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Wedding realized in "4steps
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No need to worry about a 2-month preparation period.

Wedding realized in "4 steps

We won't give up even if you have only 2 months to prepare! Recommended for couples who are looking for a quick wedding!

Even if you are planning a wedding with a short preparation time due to having a baby, sudden work commitments, etc., you can hold your wedding with peace of mind. With the remarkable changes in our new living environment, we are sure that you will be thinking, "I want to have a wedding now! We want to make our vows as a new start for our couple because of this time of year! Our experienced wedding planners will support you in planning the wedding of your dreams. Please consult with us even if you have given up on your wedding plans.

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4step image
4step image

preparation flow

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First meeting (2 months before)
  • Plan Decision
  • costume selection
  • Creation of invitations
  • Arrangement of a moderator
  • Create schedule for the day
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Second meeting (1.5 months ago)
  • Discussion of options
    (Flower arrangement/ Venue coordination/ Video/ Photography/ Wedding gifts/ Others)
  • program meeting
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Third meeting (one month before)
  • Submission of Attendee List
  • Program Submission
  • Submission of profile movie materials
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Fourth meeting (two weeks before)
  • Final meeting (confirm attendee list/confirm arrangements/etc.)
  • meeting to discuss a moderator

If you are unable to make it to a meeting, we will be happy to help you prepare for your wedding.
We can also arrange meetings by phone or online.


Recommendation 01

Recommendation 01

Customizable Wedding Plans

There are various combinations such as Ceremony Only, Ceremony + Dinner, Dinner + Photo Plan, etc. We will provide you with the perfect plan for your wedding. We will guide you to the perfect plan for the wedding you have in mind.

Recommendation 02

Recommendation 02

Choice of wedding styles and a variety of venues

You can choose your wedding style from a garden chapel filled with greenery or a traditional Okinawan wedding style called "Ryu-wedding". We have a variety of venues for parties of all sizes, from small family dinners to large receptions.

Recommendation 03

Recommendation 03

Choice of dishes

You can choose from French cuisine, Japanese and Western formal meals, and other cuisines according to your preferences. We will provide the best dishes to entertain your important guests. We will serve them with the utmost sincerity.