the harborview
wedding story

Harbor View Wedding Story


~Make Precious~.

The first step to walk together together
Clear as the ocean in Okinawa, a moving ceremony filled with love is held at this hotel.

From your fathers and mothers to
your thoughts and feelings

From you to your special guests
Connect your gratitude

Connect your children's future to

A precious space filled with the feelings of the couple and many others.
We will create a once-in-a-lifetime day.

flower arrangement
flower arrangement
Malus halliana

The trademark "Gajyumaru Tree" located in front of the Okinawa Harbor View Hotel
It is said to be a "tree of happiness" and "a tree that brings happiness.
The love that the couple inherited from their parents will be passed on to their children.
We will connect your feelings and bring happiness to many people centering on the two of you...

story 01


The Beginning of a Story Spun by the Couple
With a wedding at Okinawa Harbor View Hotel
we will create the beginning of a new life together.
To weave a page of wonderful memories...

story 02


On the day that marks the first step of your life together
Every scene will be filled with love and excitement!
In a chapel that shines brightly with the blessings of the sun and greenery
The vows of love will be exchanged in a chapel that shines with the blessings of the sun and greenery.

story 03


Time to thank your parents for raising you
Time to look back on the time you have spent together and express your thoughts and feelings that you have not been able to convey to your parents
The wedding ceremony is the best stage to do this.
With the determination to live your life together from now on.

story 04

overdo (esp. of one's alcohol consumption)

Spend your once-in-a-lifetime special day at Okinawa Harbor View
This special day is for just the two of you to take your time and enjoy the time together.
so that you can spend your time together
We are here to help you.