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A day to remember for you and your loved ones.
A day to remember for you and your loved ones

On the day that marks the first step into your life together, every scene is filled with love and excitement. At Okinawa Harbor View Hotel, we will create your wedding with the thoughts and stories of each and every one of you in mind.

holding a ceremony
holding a ceremony
holding a ceremony

garden chapel

Garden Chapel

Christian and public ceremonies in our garden chapel with the blessing of the sun and nature.

A ceremony in an authentic stone garden chapel filled with natural light, surrounded by beautiful nature that changes colors from season to season.
The sound of flowing water is refreshing as you make your eternal vows. You can choose either a Christian ceremony or a public ceremony.

Ceiling height: 5.45 m (highest point) Aisle: 9.6 m
Capacity: 50 persons


Temple "Suehiro

In a space where tradition and prestige come alive, exchange vows of unchanging love and excitement in a time-honored style.
The dignified air and solemn atmosphere will bring you a sense of joy.

Capacity: 24 persons


Ryukyu Wedding (Ryukyu Wedding Ceremony)

Ryukyu wedding ceremony "Ryu-wedding" follows the traditional wedding etiquette of Okinawa.
It is a unique style of wedding in Okinawa, where the couple wears traditional Ryukyuan wedding attire and expresses their wishes for the prosperity of their descendants.

Capacity: 50 persons


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Ceremony and Party Venues