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Wedding Fairs

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We have prepared a wedding fair for couples who have decided to get married. There are many items to decide on, such as the food to serve your important guests, the shape of the wedding ceremony you envision, items necessary for the reception, costumes, floral arrangements, gifts, paper items, and more! You can consult with our experienced wedding planners. Please make reservations for your favorite fairs held every weekend.


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The first step to walk together together
Clear as the ocean in Okinawa, a moving ceremony filled with love is held at this hotel.

About the Cuisine


Wedding menus that are particular about the ingredients and make the most of their flavors are only available at long-established hotel wedding receptions. Because these are once-in-a-lifetime memorable dishes, the menus created by the chefs are superb as they continue to work diligently to provide the best dishes that are only available at that moment.


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About the Ceremony


The sound of flowing water is refreshing, and the ceremony is performed with a waterfall in the background. You can choose between a Christian ceremony and a public ceremony. After the moving ceremony, you can enjoy photo time.

About the reception venue


On the day that marks the first step of your life together.
Every scene is filled with love and emotion.
At Okinawa Harbor View Hotel, we cherish each individual's thoughts and stories.
We will work with you to create a wedding that will be etched in your memory.

About the Cuisine


Selected high-quality wedding items for your special day From the dress and tuxedo of your choice, to the floral arrangements that will make your party space extraordinary, to the hair and makeup services that will soften and care for the bride's condition, we have the right items for your special day. We will introduce you to the items that are suitable for your special day, such as paper items and dishes that are indispensable for welcoming your important guests.

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With all my heart and soul, I wish you all the best in your life.

The Okinawa Harbor View Hotel's "Ketsuna" and "Miawase" plans will add color to this special time for you and your family. Please enjoy our thoughtful hospitality and the many dishes for which we have spared no pains. 

Reservations and inquiries by phone

098-853-2117 (Wedding Salon)

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