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The Okinawa Harbor View Hotel was built as a full-scale "city hotel" in Naha City to commemorate the return of Okinawa to the mainland in 1972 and on the occasion of the Okinawa International Ocean Expo held in 1975.

The name "Harborview" comes from the fact that the site was the former site of the Harborview Club, a members-only social club for U.S. citizens living in Okinawa, including employees of the U.S. National Government of the Ryukyu Islands.
At that time, the club had a salon-like atmosphere where not only U.S. military personnel but also dignitaries from various political, governmental, and business circles in Japan, the U.S., and the Ryukyu Islands could dine together.

Over time, the hotel has become well known as the Guest House Hotel of Okinawa, offering traditional hospitality and international-class service.
We always value each guest's "precious trip".