Light-filled restaurant, glamorous breakfast buffet to color the morning in Okinawa

While gazing at the greenery glistening in the morning dew,
recharge your energy for the day with a richly flavored breakfast.
Fresh fruits, freshly baked homemade breads, local Okinawan healthy dishes, and healthy Japanese dishes are available.
Always the same, always new, enjoy Okinawa Harbor View Hotel's signature breakfast.

  Image of a light-filled restaurant and a gorgeous breakfast buffet that will add color to your Okinawan morning.

experience a new morning

Commitment to Breakfast

The space, the ingredients, and the colors make this a unique breakfast experience.

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    Point.1 Natural space full of greenery

    A relaxing space similar to a botanical garden spreads out before you. Time spent in this soothing space is spent watching flowers dripping with morning dew and leaves swaying in the wind. The live kitchen features a hotel chef who prepares and serves each dish individually. You can request your favorite ingredients for the omelette.

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    Point.2 Lineup incorporating Okinawan ingredients

    Start a healthy day with a healthy and longevity food, and taste the local cuisine of Okinawa. You can enjoy the unique Okinawan world of food such as kubuiriti (stir-fried kelp) and hijiki (hijiki mushrooms), which are rich in sea minerals and are not found in everyday life.

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    Point.3 Healthy menu considering SDGS

    Healthy items designed for the enjoyment of highly sensitive customers who are aware of the SDGs perspective. We are proud of our breakfast buffet, which includes Okinawan cuisine that promotes longevity and health, a wide variety of Western dishes, healthy Japanese food, and fresh fruits. We are health conscious and healthy in body and mind.

breakfast menu

Popular Breakfast Menu

Plantin's breakfast menu is rich and varied, making your day start off with a bang!

From Japanese cuisine to the hotel's signature Western dishes. We offer a wide variety of dishes including Okinawa's unique local cuisine such as Chanpuru and Okinawa soba.

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    Okinawan Cuisine - Boiled Cartilage Soki

    Pork cartilage is slowly braised in soy sauce flavor, leaving a crispy texture that is the chef's speciality.

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    Fluffy omelette

    Fluffy omelets are an ever-popular breakfast dish. We make our own special omelette with ham, cheese, tomatoes, and other ingredients of your choice.

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    Japanese and Okinawan cuisine.

    We offer not only Okinawan dishes such as carrot shiriri, daikon irichii, and dashimaki tamago with arthur, but also Japanese dishes such as grilled fish and daily takikomi-gohan (rice cooked with different ingredients).

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    Popular Champuru

    Chanpuru is an Okinawan dialect word meaning "jumbled together. Various chanpuru dishes are changed daily to create a delicious taste that you will never get tired of.

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    Standard Okinawa soba

    Okinawa soba is made by mixing wheat flour with brine. At our hotel, it is served with bonito broth or pork broth, which changes daily.

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    Western cuisine unique to the hotel is also available.

    A full lineup of Western breakfast items, such as scrambled eggs, boiled sausage, and eggs Benedict, are also available. The bread baked at the hotel is also a perfect accompaniment.

We also offer a wide variety of other menu items at

  • Freshly baked homemade bread
  • Pasta with colorful vegetables
  • chicken nugget
  • grilled salmon
  • Seasonal takikomi gohan
  • healthy salad
  • sausage
  • Various fresh fruits
  • Okinawan-style tofu
  • 3 kinds of porridge
  • Various sweets
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*Photographs are for reference only.
*Menu is an example. It is subject to change depending on the season.
Menu items and the place of origin of ingredients are subject to change due to availability.


About the Target Restaurants

Garden Rest Lantern

number of stairs or stories (storeys)
151 seats (262m²): 82 in hall / 15 at counter / 54 in private rooms
Business Hours
Breakfast Buffet
Per person: ¥2,300 / Child (7-12 years old): ¥1,900
Depending on the number of guests, the menu may be changed to a set menu with a choice of Western or Japanese food.
All seats are non-smoking.
Free Wi-Fi Internet access is available throughout the hotel.
When using the coupon, please present it to the staff at the time of admission.
Discounts are not applicable during certain periods, and are subject to change. For details, please contact the Restaurant Reservations Section.
 Restaurant Reservations Section 】TEL:098-853-2119 (Hours: 10:00-18:00)

stay plan with breakfast

Recommended Stayplan with breakfast

Be authentic. Superiority. And above all, to be comfortable.

We have prepared a Stayplan that includes breakfast.
Enjoy a refreshing and peaceful morning with fresh fruits, homemade breads, healthy local Okinawan dishes, and a wide variety of healthy Japanese dishes. *Flexible rates that can be booked up to the day of your stay, even at short notice Stay